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You are your content

It’s about your audience, how to make your message shine. Content is getting a bad name — because, too many websites treat it like filler or bait. Gusset Beard LLC takes a different approach: You are your content. The quality of your interactions is proportional to the care you put into them. Don’t let anyone tell you different, and don’t jeopardize your reputation with any other approach.

Depth and versatility

Bring depth and versatility to your content. Gusset Beard’s persuasive writing experience ranges from tweet to blog post, from grant to appellate brief, with marketing copy in the middle. With this broad base, we’re able to find the right way to express your message to your audience.

Your audience is more distracted now than ever. We can help you speak with concision and panache.

Beyond text

Writing goes beyond text. It’s not just email blasts, white papers, blog posts or landing pages, either. Videos and podcasts need scripts. A picture is worth a thousand words, but sharing it on the web almost always requires a few more. Title, artist, tags, categories, caption, and description all affect how people find your images and what they think when they do.

Content strategy

Content strategy is planning, creating, editing, and managing writing and other media for the web. It draws on writing, technical, and user experience fields. (Wikipedia even says so.) Gusset Beard’s writing base is broad — beyond the writing background already mentioned. It’s informed by a range of technical knowledge including CMS administration, web design, and applied psychology.

What do you want people to remember?

Writing Samples

Writing Sample #1 — cover image
Writing Sample #1 — 2016’s Safest Energy Prediction — Blog Post [PDF]

Writing Sample #2 — cover image
Writing Sample #2 Cover Image — Beyond Supply: Utilities’ Social, Digital Future — Blog Post [PDF]

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