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Get exactly the information you need

You are hungry for information that you can use strategically. Social media apps abound on the web, but sometimes they’re flakey, sometimes they can’t provide the information you need, and sometimes they’re just too complex or expensive.

If you need info just a few times a year, you might save a little money by having us just get it for you. But if you know you need information that isn’t easy to find, like the people that multiple key twitter users all have in lists, as a weird example, we can help.

We also automate to save time and money

When you hire Gusset Beard, you get the benefit of all the automation we’ve built into workflows. From content curation to marked-up blog posts ready to publish, we constantly refine our process and increase our efficiency by automating repetitive work. That saves us time, and you money.

The easier way to get the information quickly and cheaply might just be to hire us when you need it instead of taking up your team’s time learning, teaching, fielding questions about, and contacting support for yet another tool. Let us help you stay focused.


Named for the winged staff carried by Hermes, god of heraldry in Greek mythology, this tool tweets and helps us provide insight to our clients — mostly with respect to Twitter.

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As more projects become public, they will each get a spot here.


Need something specific? Maybe we can write it for you.

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