How’s social working for you?

Gusset Beard helps you get social working for you. Social only works when you invest in it over some time. You don’t build a group of friends in a day or a business network. Although the scale is unprecedented, the social rules are often the same. If you want to build a platform, a clan, a tribe of people who care about what your business does, it will take steady and reliable content and responsive interactions.

If your next big announcement will form an unbroken chain of tweets about yourself or will go to a Facebook page that’s been dormant for two weeks, people are probably already ignoring you. The platforms themselves can respond to this and create a vicious circle of meh.

We take the busywork out of social networks by consulting on, or managing, social media for organizations. We can develop plans and trainings for social media, or just handle the accounts alongside you with as much or as little involvement as you require to build a quality audience and start conversations around your product or services.

What’s your business character?

We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then, is not an act, but a habit.” (Aristotle). This goes double on social media where distraction and viral effects can make or break you in hours. Social media might make your first, second, and third impressions before breakfast. Be excellent!

Don’t hand your company’s reputation to an intern whose going to leave with your relationships and knowledge. Plenty of people know how to use Facebook. Plenty of them also get into trouble there. It’s easy to learn how a social network operates, but it takes a depth of skill and experience to manage the conversations that result. Gusset Beard draws on experience in psychology, marketing, law, and dispute resolution to handle your interactions in a way that is both engaging and professional.

Whether you’re looking for SMO, SMM or CM, research, or content-creation services, Gusset Beard can help you be excellent. We don’t just waltz in and tell you to do better. We can help you do it — even when you don’t have time.


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