Stay in touch with your most loyal fans. We know how it is: you’d like to expand your list of contacts, you have some people you know you need to stay in touch with, and you probably have ideas what you’d like do say. But you’ve got a million other things pressing for action.

Gusset Beard is used to helping make the email experience clear and interesting. We can design your signup forms and email templates. We work mostly with MailChimp, but we have done some web design with for InfusionSoft forms too.

Out of ideas? No problem! Because we also have editorial and writing experience, we can work with your to generate a strategic list of topics — and write the content.

Of course this all coordinates with other work we do for you. Blog, social, advertising, press releases. We’ll sync it all up.

Maybe that’s why campaigns (messages) that we manage usually have above average open and read rates compared to others in the industry. With Gusset Beard managing your campaigns, all you need to do is email us ideas.

Chart showing Gusset Beard email campaign's open and click rates compared to industry averages
A Gusset Beard email campaign’s open and click rates compared to industry averages

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