Draft, the Clean & Simple Online Word Processor

Draft is a new web-based word processor. There are two primary reasons you should care: (1) It’s very, very clean and simple. (2) It allows collaboration.

Clean & Simple

Draft‘s simplicity really shines throughout, from writing to saving and exporting your work.


With the browser in full-screen mode, Draft is a pure Zen of writing experience — or as close as you can get with a web app. Nice!

Formatting is intentionally limited. You have the basics that you need: bold, italic, link, blockquote, headings, and (probably source code blocks) — and you do that, not with buttons, but with Markdown syntax.

E.g., to make a heading type:

### Heading Level 3

What Draft does, it does very well. What it doesn’t do, is also very well thought out… I like that, too.

Saving & Exporting

Saving: Draft autosaves as a good web-based word processor should. But it also lets you click a button to mark a save as a draft. So you can easily create different versions of the same document.

Exporting: Draft exports to HTML and Markdown. Click the export button, and it saves a markdown file to Dropbox, Google Docs, or your hard drive. Choose from a dropdown, and you can copy Markdown or HTML code. Easy.


Collaboration is straight forward. You get a URL that you can email to other contributors. They can use it to edit your document. Draft keeps track of the edits, and lets you review them.

Do You Use It?

Yes. In fact, I (Ted) am writing this post with Draft. Gusset Beard, LLC has use for Draft… maybe with you. If you’re a client who’s authoring content, expect to hear about it at some point. If we’re collaborating on something, expect to get a Draft collaboration email soon.