Just getting started?

You need to do everything all at once! We know how it is just starting out: everything needs to be done at the same time, resources are often limited, and everything is your job. You haven’t got time to focus on the 80/20 principle because you don’t have time to do even 20% of your web, social, and content work. How can you start off quick and lean? You don’t want to hurt your nascent brand or frustrate later, more sophisticated efforts.

Get set for success. Even if you’ve got to do it yourself, Gusset Beard can help. We can consult or train, or your team, get things going in the right direction and we have inexpensive pricing options. You can run things a while before you need additional bells and whistles. If you don’t have a team, we’re experienced with startups. We can be your team on a part-time basis while you focus on the core business.

Five basic tasks that will help you get set up well:

  1. Grab your domain name ASAP.
  2. Put up a basic website there.
  3. Grab your name on as many social networks as possible.
  4. Decide which ones suit your business and resources, and focus on those.
  5. Keep the website and prioritized social media properties active at some level — and make it reliable.

Your ever-growing guide to the basics. Here on the website, we even provide a basic series of posts for people getting started on websites and social media — on the cheap. Who knows, maybe we already have an article here that is relevant to your needs. If not, ask us on Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn. We’re always looking for content that will help our audience and our clients.


What will you do first? Will you ask for more help when you need it?

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